August 7, 2020

Symptoms and Treatment for Meniscus Tears at Imagine Physical Therapy!


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Did you zig instead of zag? Does your knee now have pain, swelling, catching, or locking? A torn meniscus is a common cause of knee pain.

What is a meniscus and how can you tear your meniscus?

The meniscus is cartilage in your knee between your thigh bone and your shin bone. The meniscus withstands many different forces that are placed on your knee during everyday life.1 When you walk, run, squat, or jump, you are placing stress on your meniscus which may lead to a tears or degeneration with age. The occurrence of meniscus tears increases with age and radiographic diagnosed osteoarthritis (OA).2

Symptoms of Meniscal Tears

       1.     Knee pain on the inside or outside where your knee bends.

       2.     Catching, popping, or locking.

       3.     Swelling or stiffness.

       4.     History of a knee injury involving twisting of the knee.3

Should I have surgery or go to Imagine Physical Therapy?

Studies show there are no significant differences in functional improvements 6 months after surgery as compared to physical therapy treatment for meniscus tears.4

Physical Therapy for Meniscus Tears

When you come to Imagine Physical Therapy for your meniscus tear, a Physical Therapist will assess your strength, range of motion, and balance. These exam findings will lead your physical therapist to create an individualized treatment plan that is best for your needs.


Common physical therapy treatments for meniscus tears at Imagine Physical Therapy includes:

         1.     Manual Therapy including dry needling, therapeutic massage, cupping, and        ultrasound to reduce pain, swelling, and improve ROM.

         2.     Exercises and Stretches to make you stronger and improve your function. 

         3.     Mulligan’s Mobilization with Movement techniques help you move without pain.

Let us Help You at Imagine Physical Therapy for your Meniscus Tear!

At Imagine Physical Therapy, we strive to support and teach each of our patients how to move more and hurt less, so you can return to the things you love. For all of your physical therapy questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment, contact our team at Imagine Physical Therapy today!

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