October 8, 2021

Save Money By Coming Directly to Physical Therapy for an Irritated Spinal Nerve in your Neck


Anne Gallagher, SPT

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5 minutes

Do you have an irritated nerve in your neck?

An irritated spinal nerve in the neck, also known as cervical radiculopathy, can cause neck pain. When this nerve becomes irritated, it can lead to pain that starts in the neck and travels down into the arm or hand. It is also common to experience numbness, tingling, and weakness in the upper extremity. At Imagine Physical Therapy, we have experience treating irritated nerves causing neck pain and can help you identify the source to eradicate your pain.

How do we identify an irritated spinal nerve in your neck?

We can identify an irritated spinal nerve in your neck effectively and efficiently with an evidence-based cluster of 4 main tests. At Imagine Physical Therapy, a skilled physical therapist will complete this group of examination items with you to help determine the cause of your neck pain. Research shows that if the results of all 4 of these tests are positive, then there is a 90% chance of having an irritated spinal nerve in the neck. This group of tests has a 97% success rate of identifying cervical radiculopathy and is an efficient way to get to the root of your pain.

How can physical therapy help?

The good news is we can treat your neck pain and calm your irritated nerve. At Imagine Physical therapy, we use a variety of techniques to eliminate your pain and help you reach your goals. Some of the techniques we use are:

  •       Dry needling and massage to promote healing
  •       Manual therapy to decrease pain and improve mobility
  •       Stretching exercises to increase range of motion
  •       Strengthening exercises for the neck and upper extremity
  •       Stretching exercises to decrease nerve sensitivity

We will work with you one-on-one to come up with an effective treatment plan!

Physical therapy for you neck can save you money!

Do you want to save hundreds of dollars? One study found that coming directly to physical therapy for an irritated nerve in your neck can save you over $400 of insurance fees. In the state of South Carolina, you do not need a referral from a medical provider to receive physical therapy if you have one of the following insurances:

  •     Aetna
  •     Blue Cross Blue Shield
  •     Cigna
  •     United Health Care
  •     Many other insurance plans not listed

Call Imagine Physical Therapy today to see if your insurance plan will let you start treatment today. Start treatment today to start saving money.

Please contact Imagine Physical Therapy for any questions or concerns about physical therapy.


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