April 2, 2019

Rehabilitation for Hip Pain


Imagine Physical Therapy

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Here at Imagine Physical Therapy we enjoy coming together to reiterate and analyze the importance of the most current literature on various conditions. This past week as a team we presented and discussed the different literature regarding how to treat hip pain. We discussed the best treatment protocols to strengthen hip musculature, decrease pain, and restore function. So, for those who have experienced symptoms such as, pain while running, walking up/down stairs, sitting for long periods of time, weakness, or tingling down the leg during any activities let me explain how Imagine Physical Therapy can help you.


What causes hip pain?

Hip pain is a common condition that is experienced by many patient populations. This condition can be characterized by sharp, dull, shooting, or aching pain anywhere around the hip or down the leg. It is common for it to refer pain to the low back and also the knee. Hip pain can be caused by muscle weakness, muscle tightness, strains, or nerve compression.


Treating Hip Pain with Physical Therapy

At Imagine we’ve created a plan of care for our patients shaped by evidence, which suggests some of the best way to treat hip pain is with soft tissue massage, exercise, cupping, strengthening, stretching, and etc. We provide stretches to decompress nerves and increase flexibility, cupping and knobbing to deactivate trigger points and encourage healing with increased blood flow, and strengthening and stretching to promote strength and flexibility. Evidence proves that therapy with a combination of exercises/activities that implement a complexity of movements helps to restore function and decrease pain. We can offer all of these services to you and more.  


Let us Help You

At Imagine we strive to support, teach, and heal each of our patients so they can return to the things the love. You’ll be hip in no time.

For all of your physical therapy questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment, contact our team at Imagine Physical Therapy today!