October 8, 2021

PT for Ankle Sprains


Meghan Andrews & Dory Patterson

Read Time

5 minutes

Do you often roll your ankle on uneven surfaces? Or find yourself doubting your ankle stability? Is your ankle keeping you from walking, running, or playing pickle ball? Patients who have these problems can benefit from a physical therapy program.


Here at Imagine, we have physical therapists who will perform a thorough evaluation and determine what causes your pain, what impairments you have, and what treatments are best for you.  Imagine utilizes evidence-based interventions such as stretching, balance training, joint mobilizations, dry needling, and taping to help relieve ankle symptoms and get you back to what you love doing.


While coming to Imagine, you will receive one on one care with a skilled Physical Therapist and gain new knowledge on how to best prevent further ankle injuries in the future! Through use of the Mulligan’s mobilization with movement technique, it will increase ankle range of motion and decrease pain with movement. Studies also show that balance and proprioception training are proven to increase ankle stability and gain back strength in the surrounding musculature. We also provide massage and gentle stretching to help decrease muscle tightness. Finally, there are various dry needling techniques that relax muscle trigger points and decrease pain in the involved area.


For all of your physical therapy questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment, contact our team at Imagine Physical Therapy today!