October 1, 2019

Paddle Boarders Shoulder and Recovery at Imagine PT


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Recover From Paddle Boarders Shoulder and Stay Better Longer At Imagine Physical Therapy

For many of us in the Charleston area, being outside is that whole reason we live here. Drive about 6 miles in any direction and you are likely to find yourself on a beach, lake, marsh or other great body of water. One of the ways that many of our patients like to stay fit and enjoy being outside is stand up paddle boarding. However, a great time on the water, meditating and working on your core may wreck havoc on your shoulders and neck.


What is Paddle Boarder’s Shoulder?


Shoulders are complex joints that may become injured in a variety of ways. From tight capsules that decrease range of motion, to weak rotator cuffs that cause pain that can radiate down your arm, to poor posture that puts stress on the neck, your shoulder can get angry. When out on the paddle board your shoulders are doing the work to propel you forward, to turn, and to keep you on top of, instead of in, the water.


What Causes Shoulder Pain?


Poor posture, muscles that are too tight and muscles that are too weak are often the causes of shoulder pain. For instance, your pec muscles at the front of your chest and upper traps on the top of your shoulders, are often overworked and tight from sitting at the computer, being on your phone or being hunched over steering wheel taking the kids all around town. Alternatively, your middle and low traps, external rotators and other back muscles are often weak from improper training. What happens is that the shoulder is not functioning at it’s best, it is simply compensating to keep you afloat.


Helping Shoulders Get Better Faster

At Imagine Physical Therapy we are here to help rehab paddle boarder’s shoulder, frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuffs and sore necks. We combine evidence-based modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, dry needling, cupping and massage with therapeutic exercises to strengthen what is tight and stretch what is weak. We will work on the posture required to ensure hours of safe and enjoyable time out on the water. 


Whether you like to practice stand up paddle boarding on Shem Creak, in Folly Beach or off of Isle of Palms, we are here to get you better faster so that you can stay stronger longer. Contact our team at Daniel Island, West Ashley, North Charleston or Mount Pleasant to rehab your paddle boarder’s shoulder today!

For all of your physical therapy questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment, contact our team at Imagine Physical Therapy today!