October 7, 2021

Physical Therapy for Low back pain, Pain-free Movement


Bianca Boieru, SPT

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Low back pain


Did you know that low back pain is the most common pain reported in the U.S, reported by the CDC, and the #1 cause of disability worldwide? For some people, low back pain can impact sleep, ability to work and overall quality of life leaving people feeling hopeless. If this sounds like you or someone you know, physical therapy may be the answer.


Physical Therapy- Your Personal Guide to Eliminating Low Back Pain


At Imagine Physical Therapy, we have highly trained physical therapists that are experts in the movement system. You’ll feel cared for from the moment you enter. Our staff provide highly individualized, patient-centered quality care to properly address your concerns and needs. Low back pain can be scary and create a fearfulness to move that can lead to debilitating symptoms. Thankfully, with the guidance of our physical therapists, you can build confidence with movement, decrease your pain, and get back to the things you love to do. At Imagine, we prescribe specifically tailored exercises and treatments to improve your strength, range of motion and decrease pain. Physical therapists have an arsenal of techniques and a wealth of knowledge on how to guide you on the path to recovery. Our therapists are knowledgeable in a highly effective manual techniques referred to as Mobilizations with Movement, also known as MWM’s. MWM’s allow for immediate pain-free movement that has lasting effects. Studies have shown that MWM’s are effective in improving pain, range of motion and functional disability. At Imagine Physical Therapy, we’ll get you back to doing the things you love and leave you feeling better than when you entered!


How Do MWM’s Work?


Low back pain can be caused by a multitude of reasons-even reasons without a pathological cause. Weakness, muscular imbalances, and overloaded muscles/joints can lead to dysfunctional movement patterns. Dysfunctional movement patterns or joint dysfunction can resultantly put stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments causing pain, inflammation, and further dysfunction.


Mobilizations with movement (MWM’s) are manual techniques that utilize the knowledge of anatomy and joint movement to assist with movement in a more efficient and normal movement pattern, immediately reducing pain and improving mobility.  Essentially, MWM’s can break the vicious cycle of muscle pain and spasm by “closing the gate” where the pain stimulus is occurring.



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