August 13, 2019

Low Back Pain and Physical Therapy


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Low Back Pain

How does your physical therapist treat low back pain?

80% of all people will experience low back pain during their lifetime. Most low back pain is not  severe and does not indicate a serious problem. Pain is typically felt in the lower back or butt, and if the nerves get irritated they will cause leg pain, numbness and tingling in the toes. Lifestyle choices can increase the risk of getting lower back pain. Sitting for long periods of time, being in poor physical condition, and improperly lifting technique are all factors. The pain can get worse because of stress, lack of sleep, and age. With increased age, muscles will weaken and joints will stiffen. New clinical practice guidelines for lower back pain treatment were published in the April 2012 issue of JOSPT. The guidelines describe ways to treat back pain based on best research evidence.

New Insights

To get back to full activity and less back pain, early treatment is the best option. Treatments that focus on exercise and a more active lifestyle will decrease back pain and the likelihood that it will reoccur. Imagine Physical Therapy will customize treatment to your specific needs by using thorough examinations and individualized treatment plans.

Practical Advice

Even if your back pain is severe it will get better. Staying active is important and bed rest should be avoided. Our physical therapists can teach to help you move better and recover faster. Based on your examination, the best treatment for long lasting lower back pain (acute low back pain) may be manual therapy which includes joint mobilization, dry needling, massaging, and more. Exercises that improve coordination, strength, and endurance are best added to the treatment after your pain subsides. If lower back pain becomes chronic, then moderate and high intensity exercises and progressive exercises that focus on endurance and fitness will help with pain management.  For all of your physical therapy questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment, contact our team at Imagine Physical Therapy today! Our office number is 843-375-5448!