October 7, 2021

Imagine Physical Therapy - Addressing Painful movement in the Low back


Caroline Bennet t

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“I could do ______ today if only my back wasn’t hurting.”

Does that line sound familiar? Is your Back pain limiting you from living the life you want? Low back pain is one of the most commonly reported issues amongst individuals both in the work force and daily life.  Low back pain will most likely affect almost every person at one point within their lifespan. For a few of us, that back pain sticks around and becomes what is considered more "chronic" pain. To be classified as chronic back pain, episodes of discomfort must have lasted for greater than 6 months. In comparison to acute low back pain, chronic low back pain is particularly debilitating; affecting everyday activities, work and sleep. If you’ve experienced back pain, whether acutely or for an extended period of time, physical therapy will be able to help you, and get you back to enjoying everyday activities!

What PT can do for you

           At Imagine, our physical therapists are highly trained movement experts that can take you through a physical examination to determine what structures and motions are contributing to your pain. Once they learn what your limitations are, our therapists can use hands-on techniques to decrease pain that very same visit, allowing for improved pain-free movement on day 1. One of the hands-on techniques used is referred to as a SNAG. SNAG’s are a hands on approach to helping patients achieve more, pain-free movement. This technique utilizes direct contact of the therapist’s hands on the patinet's low back while allowing them to move through a more pain-free range of motion. Patient’s will find they can move farther- with less pain and discomfort than before. Research shows that the SNAG mobilizations have immediate effects on the low back to decrease pain and increase comfortable movement. Long term, use of this hands-on technique results in overall decreases in low back pain and improved pain-free movement in the lumbar spine.


If you are interested in finding out more about what PT can do for you and your back pain, click here to contact our team at Imagine Physical Therapy!



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