September 28, 2022

Get Your Shoulder Fixed at Imagine PT


Andrew Zabala

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5 min

Why do I have shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be caused by a fall, overuse, muscle tightness, muscle weakness, and even posture position! Shoulder pain may not have a single cause that is easy to pinpoint. However, we don't need a definite reason in order to effectively treat your shoulder pain at Imagine Physical Therapy.

What will my first visit be like?   

We provide a detailed, evidence-based exam and history so that we can get a full picture of what can be done for your shoulder pain. We take pride in efficiency during our exam, assessing range of motion & muscle strength, performing special tests, and functional capabilities to create the best plan of care for your shoulder pain. Communicating to patients is very important to us. We try our best to help you understand what can be causing your shoulder pain and what we can do to help.

Will I be only be performing exercises during treatment?

While exercise is an important part of PT, there are other treatments that can be added for better results. Manual therapy techniques like stretching & joint mobilization with movement can improve your ability to perform tasks with no pain or reduced pain instantly (depending on symptoms). Each exercise that we help you perform is backed by research to make sure that each exercise will give you the best results and get you strong.

We also add unique and innovative treatment such as dry needling and ultrasound to target the areas underneath the skin in a safe manner and help kick start the healing process.

Will PT help if I plan on having shoulder surgery?

Absolutely! Research shows that PT before surgery, or even instead of surgery (depending on symptoms), can improve pain, range of motion, and function. It is very important to know that is not the only way to reduce your shoulder pain. If you decide on surgery, Imagine Physical Therapy has the knowledge and skill sets to address your shoulder pain and get you strong so that the recovery process can be smooth sailing!

Ready to get rid of your shoulder pain? Call Now!

If you're having shoulder pain, Imagine Physical Therapy is the place to go! Call your local Imagine PT today to start the process of getting your shoulder fixed!


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