September 30, 2022

Dizziness fixed by fixing your neck!


Breanna Hennessy

Read Time

10 minutes

What is cervicogenic dizziness

If you are feeling dizzy and have pain or stiffness in your neck, they are typically related. You may notice that when you try to move your neck it feels stiff or painful and you begin to get dizzy. This is very common especially if you have ever had whiplash injury such as a car accident. The muscles in and around your neck stiffen up and so it is hard for your body to know where your head is in space which makes you dizzy. You may be avoiding moving your neck in order to feel less dizzy but this could be making it worse so come on in for an evaluation and let us help you get rid of that dizziness! 

How Physical Therapy can help you

The dizziness is caused by neck tightness or dysfunction, and is best addressed by physical therapists! We are experts in all things muscle, joints, pain and dizziness related. Studies have shown that we can get you feeling better after just one visit! After a thorough evaluation we will work to address the tightness in your neck that is contributing to your dizziness and any other problems we may find. During the evaluation we will also look for and try to rule out other causes of dizziness. Some potential causes of dizziness are the tiny crystals inside your ear, dysfunction with your eyes and tracking objects, balance issues or emotional stress. Physical therapy always starts with an extensive examination to address the typical and treatable sources of dizziness. These dizziness components are the crystals in the ear, eye and head movement, strength and balance, fear/anxiety and neck tenderness and loss of motion. After determining the exact cause of your dizziness we will use techniques such as acupuncture needles, ultrasound, cupping, massage therapy and exercise that will relieve your dizziness, neck pain and headaches. We will give you stretches and exercises to do at home to make you recover from dizziness even faster!

Dry needling with acupuncture needles 

Tiny needles are inserted muscles in and around your neck that are tight and contribute to your dizziness. The needles along with electrical stimulation (just some light tapping in the needles not as scary as it sounds) will help decrease pain and help the muscles relax. Studies have shown that after just one treatment with needles and electricity patients dizziness went away completely! We start with very tiny needles or use other treatment options completely!

If this sounds like what you are experiencing and would like to get feeling back to normal then please contact our front desk staff and schedule an appointment today at imagine physical therapy so we can make your dizzy go away!