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Imagine Physical Therapy Is Tops In the Nation!

Posted on March 12, 2015 by

We’re going to brag. But just a little, we promise. The weekend of February 6-8th, our physical therapists went through the final phase of the Mulligan Certification process. The process began in January of 2014, and this was the third long weekend dedicated to becoming Certified Mulligan Practitioners (CMP’s). Is this a high pressure situation? If you consider that simply ‘sitting’ for the Mulligan test cost $500 per therapist (more than the boards cost to get licensed as a PT!), then YES—this was a very high pressure situation indeed!

We are proud to announce that we shot 100%, and have eight Certified Mulligan Practitioners. Now we can not only stake claim as leading the state with the most CMP’s, but we also are tied with one other physical therapy practice as having the most CMP’s in the nation. We’re very proud of our therapists for their accomplishment!

What does this mean to you? What’s so great about being our being Mulligan Practitioners? Our goal is always to get you BETTER FASTER and keep you BETTER LONGER. Mulligan techniques are another way that we can accomplish this goal. Mulligan’s techniques are also known as “Mobilization With Movement” and are used to decrease your pain during functional activities (i.e. shoulder pain with reaching overhead, elbow pain with tennis, neck pain when turning head). These manual therapy and taping techniques were created by Brian Mulligan to restore functional and pain free motion in patients by retraining joints to move the way they were designed to move in the first place. Interested in learning more about Mulligans? Please refer to our two other blog posts which provide more detail about Session 1 and Session 2 of our Mulligan training over the past year.

So…does this work? Absolutely! We’ve already seen some amazing results by putting these techniques into practice in our clinics. We’ve had a tennis elbow patient whose grip strength went from 40 PSI to 90 PSI after one treatment. We’ve also had a gentleman who couldn’t raise his arm over his head proceed to lift a 5 pound dumbbell over his head 20 times after utilizing one simple Mulligan technique. The kicker? He was able to lift with NO PAIN. Obviously, not every technique has miraculous results, but having these tools as a weapon to combat pain and dysfunction has immediately impacted our patients for the better.

If you’re having a pain that simply won’t go away, please call us for a consult and we’ll see if our Mulligans techniques might benefit you!

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Around Town: March 2015

Posted on March 12, 2015 by

Spring hasn’t exactly sprung, but it’s sure about to! As we roll into this amazing season, the activities around the Charleston area are amping up. We’re here to keep you ahead of the game so you don’t miss out. In this addition of Around Town, we’re highlighting events for all ages…. that being said, we recognize that “you’re only as old as you feel”! We highly encourage EVERYONE to jump on the jump castles, not just the kids. Just so long as you don’t end up back in our clinics as a result, go for it!

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny!


Date/Time: 3/28, 9AM; reservations are required (call 766-8321)


Location: Citadel Mall


Activities: Eat a free breakfast courtesy of Chick Fil-A…with the one and only Easter Bunny!

For more information, click here


Charleston Honey and Bee Expo


Date/Time: 3/29, 11-5


Location: Cinebarre, 963 Houston-Northcutt Blvd


Activities: Visit this family friendly event to learn more about bees and what you can do to help save them. Activities include meet your local beekeepers, observation hive with live bees, honey-tasting * free samples*, live music: The V-Tones, children’s corner, games, arts&crafts, learn about bees/beekeeping, buy local honey, guest speakers and presentations, mead-making – sample wine made from local honey, try honey cotton candy, win a new hive – raffle, “Ask a Master Gardener” booth, peruse free displays in theater lobby and outdoors, pet-friendly in outdoor exhibit area

For more information, click here

Lowcountry Cajun Festival


Date/Time: March 29, 12-6


Location: James Island County Park


Activities: Bringing Louisiana to the Lowcountry, the Lowcountry Cajun Festival is a full-day of Zydeco music, Cajun and Creole foods, kids activities, and all around ragin’ Cajun fun! Savor the tastes of authentic Cajun and Creole fare – jambalaya, alligator, etouffe, andouille sausage and of course, crawfish, crawfish, crawfish! Also enjoy Lowcountry favorites like seafood and Southern barbecue. For those who prefer a tamer menu, we’ll serve up ample portions of festival foods like hot dogs, snow cones, funnel cakes and more.

For more information, click here

Charleston Antiques Show


Date/Time: March 20 – March 22, 2015; Preview Party, March 19


Location: Memminger Auditorium, 56 Beaufain Street


Activities: Inspired by the rich historical, architectural and cultural heritage of Charleston, the annual Charleston Antiques Show is a premier destination for collectors and enthusiasts who enjoy seeing and learning about incorporating antiques into modern-day decor. Through the Show’s educational and entertaining special events, collectors have a unique opportunity to purchase and learn more about everything from exquisite furniture and fine art to rare maps, jewelry, posters, prints and quilts.


For more information, clickhere

Water Missions Walk For Water


Date/Time: March 21, 9AM


Location: Brittlebank Park, 0 Lockwood Drive, Charleston SC


Activities: Water Missions International walks on behalf of those who walk miles every single day to collect unsafe drinking water. The goal of the 3.5 mile walk is to raise awareness and shed light on the global water crisis and to raise funds that support ongoing efforts to transform lives through safe water solutions. Thousands of people begin the walk with an empty bucket (provided) in Brittlebank Park, downtown Charleston. The walk weaves it’s way through Charleston all the way to Hampton Park. When participants reach Hampton Park, they fill their buckets with water and return to Brittlebank Park. This 3.5 mile walk gives participants a glimpse of what people do all over the world on a daily basis.


For more information, click here


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Good Eats and Treats: Best. Brownies. EVER.

Posted on March 12, 2015 by



We had a fantastic patient present our Park West Clinic with what we now call the “Best Brownies Ever”. Ms. Frances has 2 secret ingredients that she adds to her Spicy Brownies, and they aren’t what you would expect. Nope, not caramel, dark chocolate or Oreos. The ingredients? Crushed Red Pepper and Instant Espresso coffee. Give this recipe a shot and let us know what you think. If you think you have an equally delicious brownie recipe, we would loooooove for you to prove it to us. All 5 clinics are open to test tasting any time!


Ms. Frances’ Spicy Brownies

1Box of Ghirardelli Brownie Mix and suggested ingredients per back label
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1 tablespoon instant espresso coffee

Add crushed red pepper to brownie mixture
Add the instant espresso coffee to the water before mixing with brownie mix.
Follow the rest of the instructions on the box

The red pepper gives a mild warmth after taste while the espresso brings out the chocolate flavor even more than usual. Both ingredients give it a little extra kick!

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Did you know?

Many insurance companies now cover Physical Therapy WITHOUT a doctor's referal.

Direct Access

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