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Kick Computer Pain!

Posted on December 8, 2014 by

In today’s world, most of us spend hours in front of a computer, whether for work or play. This causes many issues ranging from neck and back pain, to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. At Imagine, we see patients daily as a result of poor posture and poor workstation setup. We sincerely hope that you don’t become one of those patients, and we’re here to provide you with two tips to stop your computer from being such a pain. Read on, and let us help you stay BETTER LONGER!


Tip #1-Take time to do these 3 exercises once every hour you’re sitting at your desk (or whenever you have time if not every hour!)


Exercise #1, Doorway Stretch











Hold the above position for 30 seconds and do 3 sets. It will feel soooo good–promise. The benefit? This stretch gives your neck and upper back muscles a break from being pulled forward by the muscles on the front side of your body.


Exercise #2, Upper Trap Stretch


Hold the above position for 30 seconds and perform 3 sets on each side.  This stretches your upper traps, which get tight from typing at your keyboard or navigating your mouse.


Exercise #3, Seated Piriformis Stretch


Place your right leg on your left. Slowly lean forward until you feel a pull in your lower back and right hip, and hold for 30 seconds.  The benefit of this exercise is that it stretches the lower back and your hip rotators that get stiff from prolonged sitting. Reverse your legs to stretch the left side of your body.


Tip #2: Make sure your workstation is set up properly.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.55.56 AM


If you take a look at the picture above, you’ll see two individuals, both of whom have ergonomically correct workstations. In setting up your station, pay particular attention to the following:

a) Elbows-above the desk, at 90-110 degrees

b) Shoulders-relaxed as opposed to hunched

c) Wrists-in line with forarem

d) Hips, knees, ankles-at 90 degrees while seated

e) Feet-flat on the ground or on a footrest

f) Head-Upright with ears aligned with shoulders

g) Eyes-looking at the top third of the screen. Consider the use of a laptop raiser with your laptop

h) Seat Length-Should be long enough to provide support beneath thighs

i) Backrest-Angled at 90-110 degrees w/ adequate lumbar support in line with lower back

j) Keyboard and mouse- g&h of your keyboard aligned with your nose; mouse gripped loosely


Imagine is always here for consultations about any issues you might have with your particular workstation. We are very creative in finding solutions for your aches and pains–please don’t hesitate to ask your therapist or email us with any questions!


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New Imagine Location: North Charleston!

Posted on December 8, 2014 by

We’re excited to announce that as of today (Monday, 12/8/14) we’re accepting patients at the newest Imagine Physical Therapy location on North Rhett Avenue. We’ve long wanted to provide services to the North Charleston community, and we recently found a great location on North Rhett nestled between 526 and Park Circle to make this a reality. If you have friends or family in need of physical therapy who live in North Charleston or Hanahan (we are only minutes from Tanner Plantation) please let them know about us! Visit our locations page for our phone and fax numbers. And just a heads up…as of today, our Imagine sign is NOT outside the building, but it will be very soon. Currently, the sign says Innovative Partners–but it’s us, we promise!!!


Who will be the fearless leader of our North Charleston clinic? Meet Davis Bradley!


Davis has been a part of the Imagine family since his first clinical rotation as an MUSC student back in 2011. He began his professional career with Imagine after receiving his Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from MUSC in 2013. He enjoys spending his free time exploring Charleston with his loyal companion LEO who he rescued from a local dog shelter. His love for physical therapy has deeps roots, as he grew up playing sports and spent time as an injured athlete. During his time in physical therapy, he came to appreciate the caring bond a therapist can have with a patient. Davis has known he wanted to be a PT since high school, and he doesn’t consider coming to work a “job” because as he says making people feel better for a living is a blessing not a chore.


Thanks for trusting us to help you get BETTER FASTER and keep you BETTER LONGER!


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Did you know?

Many insurance companies now cover Physical Therapy WITHOUT a doctor's referal.

Direct Access

Learn More